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A Comedy and a Tragedy

In times of tragedy we all become reflective of our own humanity. Yesterday’s news that Comedian, Robin Williams completed suicide shocked and saddened many of us. We all had to process it in our own ways. Some thought it was … Continue reading

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“We’re going to drill four holes into your skull and screw a crown to your head so you can’t move it while we’re doing the procedure…you will have to be awake for this”.  These words…along with the words I heard … Continue reading

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Your Mother is Dying

“Your mother is dying…” read the email in black and white. Plain and simple. I am writing this on “April Fools” day, yet it is no joke. There they are. Words.I.don’ Or say. Or believe. Words I know are true, … Continue reading

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Happy Earth day, Earth!

May we care for the earth the way it cares for us: the land that cradles us, nourishes us and shelters us, the sun that warms us, the moon that guides us, the waters that quench us and bathe us, … Continue reading

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